• Cost: $45.000 
  • Duration 2-4 hours

Guided Skills Riding

Put your newly acquired skills into practice by joining us for a guided single and double track ride on local trails.IMG_5465

Our single track guided tours are perfect for people who have attended our skills courses and want to put their skills to the test in the real world.

We will stop at tough sections to show how to best tackle each obstacle and challenge.

We have three locations around Santiago we use for these rides depending on skill and fitness level

More about the skills clinic

Our mountain bike clinics are taught by experienced instructors that use effective coaching techniques to help you get the most out of your riding.

Ruta de CondorWe use a progressive approach to skills building to ensure that each new skill is perfected before we add the next level of complexity. Feedback is given on a group and individual basis for more effective analysis of your riding style.

We usually run courses with small groups of students between 10-12; although some more advanced courses are restricted to a maximum of 5-6 students per coach.

So whether you’re interested in just keeping up with your mates, riding competitively or cropped-team-climb-ruta-de-condor.jpggetting out for epic adventures, we have the skills to get you riding faster, safer and with more confidence.

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