Mountain Bike Skills Course (Intermediate)

  • Cost: $50.000
  • Duration 5.5 hours
  • Optional guided ride after clinic 1.5-2 hours 

This course is best for riders who:

You are a good rider but have never had formal training. You have reached a plateau in your mountain biking and want to ride faster on technical terrain. You know you can ride better? Maybe you have tried some difficult trails but lacked the confidence to ride them as hard as you would like?1st Skills Clinic Pics_2

Does this describe you?

  • You are already confident and competent in all aspects of our Level 1 course – Fundamentals clinic.
  • You regularly ride off road and will have tried challenging single-track trails before
  • You have your own mountain bike (we have bikes available to hire if your bike is not available)
  • You can ride confidently on narrow single-track and steep trails with small rocks, roots and steps
  • Team work on a tricky decent day 3You exercise at least twice a week and at least one of these sessions is on a bike
  • You can ride moderately steep terrain at a steady pace
  • You can ride for at least three hours comfortably

Course Lessons and activities

  • Bike Set-up (Pre-ride checks)
    Choosing the right tyre pressures
    Choosing the right suspension set-up
  • Mind Skills
    Relaxing on the bike and staying loose
    Riding within yourself to stay in control
    Positive thinking and visualization
    Dismissing distractions to maintain concentration and commitment
    Developing confidence through fundamentals instead of luck
  • IMG_8689d7Body Position & Movement
    Weighting & unweighting the bike
  • Speed Control
    Speed management on steep terrain
    Carrying speed on the trail
    Maintaining speed over rocks and roots
  • Cornering
    Leaning the bike for grip on loose surfaces
    Weighting the bike (bars and pedals) for additional grip
    Riding off camber sections
  • Trail Obstacles
    Using Manual Front Wheel Lifts to negotiate obstacles
    Manual dropping roots and steps
  • Trail Flow
    Reading and breaking down the trail into sections
    Pumping for free speed

What to expect from your training?

Following the training you will see and immediate improvement in your riding and a boost in your confidence on technical trails, steep climbs, descents, drop-offs and Ian in Tahoeobstacles.

You will be able to tackle rougher more technical terrain with better control and increased speed.

You will have a toolbox of mountain bike skills that you can apply in any terrain, in any location and in any conditions be it a local ride or a competitive race.

Course Schedule

  • 08:45-09:00Arrival at course venue
  • 09:00-09:30Course commences, introductions and equipment check
  • 09:30-09.45Warm-up ride to skills area
  • 09:45-14:00Skills coaching and practice
  • 14:00-14:30Review and next steps
  • 14:30-16:30 Ride the trails and implement skills (Optional and at extra cost)

 At the end of the session the group will receive

  • Personalized Feedback
    to brief you of your performance in the course
  • An Action Plan
    your coach will tell you what you need to do after your course to consolidate your new skills and progress your mountain biking into the future
  • 30 Days Free Support
    if you have any questions about what you’ve learned or need any other advice

 More about the skills clinic

Our mountain bike clinics are taught by experienced instructors that use effective coaching techniques to help you get the most out of your riding.lamma enduro

We use a progressive approach to skills building to ensure that each new skill is perfected before we add the next level of complexity. Feedback is given on a group and individual basis for more effective analysis of your riding style.

We usually run courses with small groups of students between 10-12; although some more advanced courses are restricted to a maximum of 5-6 students per coach.

So whether you’re interested in just keeping up with your mates, riding competitively or getting out for epic adventures, we have the skills to get you riding faster, safer and with more confidence.

Optional Afternoon Guided Ride: (After Skills Course)

For Riders who want to test their newly learned skills the trails we offer a ride at the end of the class. We will ride for 2 hours. We will stop and study specific obstacles and implement our tactics. This is a fun ride on varied technical terrain. The course is within five minutes of where we hold the skills clinic. Cost for this option is $12.000.

About the Instructor
Robert (Bob) Schmidt
International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) Certified Mountain Bike Coach

Course Instructor_Bob Smith

  • 22 years mountain biking experience
  • Has participated in over 160 cross-country and enduro races worldwide
  • Multiple podium and medal finishes in USA national and international races
  • Champion adventure racer
  • Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association
  • Has provided skills training and courses since 2008 worldwide
  • First-aid certified