Mountain Bike Skills Clinics

  • Cost: $135.000
  • Duration 12 hours (3 days)


This course will focus on 4 key aspects of improving you’re racing performance, enjoyment and definitely make you a better mountain biker.IMG_5113

We focus on 4 key areas:

  • Fitness and training plan
  • Skills improvement
  • Race strategy
  • Race preparation and equipment selection

Course Description:

3 day Cross Country Race Clinic. This multi day course will provide racers with the skills and knowledge to improve their XC and enduro race performance and become better mountain bikers.

  • Tom again Lamma 09Day 1: Training and performance goals (Heart rate testing, training planning, goal setting, recording progress and more). This is held inside in a classroom
  • Day 2: In the field skills clinic to improve bike handling and increase technical skills.
  • Day 3: Race strategy. Race planning. Pre-race planning. ½ day ride to review and implement race strategies.
  • Hit the trails to put it all together (optional with extra fee)

Purpose of Course:

  • Introduce riders to the proper methods and skills for Cross country MTB racing. For participants who have started racing this is a valuable class to improve overall fitness and Ryan on the topskills. This course will give students the know how to train properly, skills to handle technical terrain in the race and know how to get the most out of
    the strategy for the race. This course is good for both new racers and racers who want to improve upon their skills and abilities and have faster times when they do race. Of course not only will your racing skills be improved but we guarantee you will be a much better mountain biker, overall!

enduro 08Instructor:

  • The course leader is a highly experience and successful racer who has participated in over 170 races around the world. He has participated in National and International
    championship competitions and has had many podium finishes. He has been racing and riding mountain bikes for over 22 years. In addition he is a Certified Mountain Bike Instructor from the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA). He has been coaching and training riders and racers since 2007.