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Santiago-Mountain-Bike-Trail-Builders-LogoSantiago Mountain Bike Trail Builders (SMBTB)

Mountain Biking has grown tremendously in the last few years in Santiago. Unfortunately the available trail network has not kept Girl diggingup with demand.

In fact there is a severe shortage of good trails to accommodate the many riders that exist. This is an important issue for both riders as well as the biking industry.

There are too many bikers  on a limited number of trails. Overcrowding, trail damage, and limited options are a recipe for disaster.

IMG_4763 Digging hill


We need people to get involved to address these issues. This includes working with private landowners, public parks to obtain more access to trials. It is also necessary to have the bikers get out and volunteer to repair trails, and finally for the bike shops and other vested businesses step up get involved and keep alive the industry they depend on for a lively hood.

SMBTB’s primary function is to build and maintain mountain bike trails, work to preserve single-track, and promote responsible riding. Through volunteer trail construction and maintenance projects, advocacy efforts, riding clinics, group rides, and fundraising efforts, we act as a positive voice for mountain biking in Santiago.

We are only as effective as the community of riders and businesses that participate.IMG_4854